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Phone: 348 0519 or 021 024 091 42

Propertyfox Home Inspection FAQs

What is a pre-purchase or pre-sale home inspection?

A home inspection by Propertyfox Ltd will assess and report on the condition of any Christchurch or Canterbury property you want to buy or sell. The building report will examine the condition of the interior, exterior, roof and basement spaces, garage, site and landscaping and report on the condition of each of these items. It will include an easy to read table identifying any potential problem areas. You will also receive a Certificate of Inspection in accordance with New Zealand Standard 4306:2005, Residential Property Inspection when ordering our 3 in 1 report.

Why do I need a property inspection?

A pre-purchase or pre-sale house inspection provides you with reliable information on the condition of any property you want to buy or sell so that you are fully informed. This will protect you against any potential nasty and expensive surprises, which is especially important after Christchurch's recent earthquakes. Also your bank or insurance company may require that you get an inspection done before they lend you money. Unless you are really experienced in the property business our 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 inspection is advised.

How do I get the results?

In a written report as well as on computer disc along with a selection of photos. In addition the Propertyfox building inspector can be available to run through this report face to face with you. Also, each 3 in 1 report will be accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance in accordance with the New Zealand Standard 4203:2005 Residential Property Inspection.

How reliable will the home inspection be?

Our 3 in 1 report will follow the guidelines of New Zealand Standard 4203:2005 Residential Property Inspection. It is important that clients note that no two property inspector's reports will ever be identical. Clients should therefore select an inspection company with good credentials and one that they can trust. Propertyfox is owned and operated by Mike Stockwell who is very experienced in the property and building business within Christchurch and Canterbury and will personally conduct your inspection.

How much will my property inspection cost me?

This depends on the size of the property and complexity of the issues involved. Quotes are given free; Book an Inspection Now.

What are the terms of payment?

Conditions of payment for this property report are strictly 'payment on delivery'. Payment is acceptable by either a cheque or cash payment upon delivery or bank deposit into a Propertyfox bank account.

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